Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seeking Guitar Chords

*****GREAT NEWS!*****
Natalie Jensen from Utah has kindly responded with sheet music from, to which she has over-layed the guitar chords for If I Listen With My Heart. Here is the PDF of her adaptation:

 Thank you so much Natalie! Your gift is greatly appreciated!
(I wish I could hug you!)
What's going on, you ask? Here's my post from earlier today:
Hey All You Lovelies and Gents,

Robert, a new primary chorister from the Epsom Ward, Crawley Stake, in the UK is hoping to find  
guitar chords
for If I Listen with My Heart.

If you have them, or if you have the ability to create them, message me at, and I'll put you in contact with Robert.

If we can come up with the guitar chords I'll post them here if anyone shows interest. :) Comment if you'd like to see them posted. 



  1. Thank you for posting the guitar chords for this song!! I appreciate your selflessness in making such things available. It saves me time and improves my service to the precious children.
    Kathy Hill

  2. Do you have chords for scripture power?