Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014 Primary Music Schedule

This is the same schedule format that I used as primary chorister. It may or may not work for you, depending on how your presidency likes to run things.

As the children entered the room for Sharing/Singing Time, my pianist would already be playing the PRELUDE WIGGLE SONGS. As soon as I entered the room we began singing them. (If I got there before the pianist we'd start singing a cappella.) This gave the Presidency time to set up the opening exercises and their Sharing Time presentation. It also maintained reverence as the children were immediately involved in singing and moving.

I liked to plan for the same set of PRELUDE WIGGLE SONGS each month. In other words, I would choose about three wiggle songs for prelude, and sing only those during the given month. This gave the children, especially the littlest ones, repetition and consistency.

When it was time to begin Opening Exercises, the conducting Presidency member would give me a signal, and then we would move on directly singing the first REVERENCE song. Next the Presidency Member opened the meeting, and would cue us for the WELCOME song and BIRTHDAY song.

My presidency liked to have another WIGGLE song or REVERENCE song right before Sharing Time began.

Have Fun!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flip Chart for Have I Done Any Good

Hi Friends!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your chorister callings. I miss it very much, but I am loving my calling as Relief Society Advisor, too, and finally getting the hang of it.

School is fantastic, although I had no idea I'd be spending every spare moment doing homework. My husband has been wonderful in keeping things running smoothly at home.

I have had some requests for my Have I Done Any Good flip chart. I have added it to my Dropbox files and you should be able to download it from this link:

You should not need a Dropbox account to download it, but if it tells you you do, it's easy and free. I love Dropbox and recommend it highly! Makes it so easy to share photos albums with family and friends, as well as files and documents. You can get free space if others in your circles sign up for Dropbox.

Have fun!

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Adventures: Sailing on the Advisor Ship

....there's nothing quite like change!

I have said this before, and now I believe its truer than ever, that just as soon as you become confident in your present church calling; just when you really start to *gulp* like it, guess what?

POOF!: You are done. 

It's true. Although I am STILL STILL STILL technically the Cub Master in my home ward, the Hubbs and I have been called to serve in the BYU-Idaho 7th Stake in a young single adult ward.  *JAZZED*
I get to be a Relief Society advisor to a young single student Relief Society presidency, while my hubbs serves on the High Council.


You: Whaaaaa?

Yep. Unless you live in my area or have been (or know of) a student at BYU-Idaho, I'll bet you have never heard of a Relief Society advisor. The actual calling is "Stake Relief Society Board Member".  (Mind you, this is not my home stake.) Apparently, the BYU-Idaho 7th Stake is one of three exclusive stakes here at BYU-Idaho who have implemented the RS advisor-ship. We even have special direction from the General RS Board on how to carry out our callings. Advisors are basically mentors for new student Relief Society presidents and their counselors. Mostly there for training, guidance, and support. NOT there to take over any presidential responsibilities.

I am SO going to love this. I am SO going to love these girls.

Now about that Cub Master calling in my home ward...

I have not been released (nor has my hubbs been released as High Preist Group Leader), even though I have been attending my YSA ward on campus for 5 weeks now. We will be released, and we should have been already by now. However, there was a bit of a communication issue; my Bishop having no idea that we were not, in fact,  less-active, but whisked out of the ward without his knowledge. After 3 weeks on campus, and still trying to balance our home ward callings, we decided we better call the Bishop and spill it. (Eh, no biggie. Sometimes it happens that way.) 

I really do feel like I know what I am doing now as Cub Master, and just when I started to have some real fun! The Sunday before I received my new campus calling I gave my Den Leaders a yearly schedule of detailed pack meetings plans. I had brilliant ideas for our future! 

Last week and we had a fantastic bike rodeo! except for the one bloody nose incident  And unless I hear differently I will just keep on making plans for next month's too. Now before you say anything out loud, let me just point out that I don't have an official assignment in my campus ward yet (unlike my hubbs who has many, many meetings each Sunday). I have simply been shadowing and substituting for other Relief Society advisors in my campus ward these past five weeks. I'll have an official assignment at the beginning of the new semester in September. So I can actually handle doing both for now. 

The best part? I begin my college experience this September at BYU-Idaho, as a full time Freshman taking 16 credits, and I get to attend a singles ward! It's like I am living my youth all over again! How awesome is that!  (I'm so going to make eyes at my hubbs while he's sitting up on the stand each week!) I'll probably drive those girls crazy, LOL!

I hope you are all having just as much fun!