About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Bridgette Jerome Patterson, and I was the Primary Chorister in the Lyman 3rd Ward, Rexburg South Stake, in Rexburg, Idaho from October 2007 to October 2011. I now serve as a Relief Society advisor in the YSA Seventh Stake at BYU-Idaho. I am also a full time student at BYU-Idaho, studying Communications.

I was raised in Ferron, Utah. As an adult I've lived in Medford, Oregon; Woodburn, Oregon; Pueblo, Colorado; Chandler, Arizona; and Pleasant Grove, Utah.

My husband and I were married in 1998 and have a blended family. I have 3 children and he has six. Except for his oldest daughter, we raised them all together in our home. Our oldest 6 children are now married and having babies of their own, living from Wyoming to California. We currently have 18 grandchildren. Eighteen. I can hardly believe it myself.

My children are:
Jourdan, who is an artist, model, and sociology major in New York City.
Jourdan/MSA Models
Zach - a music major - possibly future math major. Lives at home.
 Jacob - soon to be college bound. Former football player - thinking of Poly-Sci. Lives at home.

 And here is my sweetheart, my husband, Keith.

 My hobbies: technology, history, reading, genealogy, photography, and quilting.