Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Will Follow God's Plan

This Sunday I will be visiting my mom's ward in Utah, so my awesome pianist is going to lead the music for me and find a substitute pianist for herself. She's the best!  

Thanks Diana!

Diana is going to do some fun songs, and we will wait to learn February's song next week.

However, I have made a flip chart to introduce I Will Follow God's Plan.

I Will Follow God's Plan.pdf

Open the flip chart, print the pages (on both sides) of white card stock. Next, laminate the pages and bind on the left side.

Here's a few pictures of my finished flip chart:

Have fun!

P.S. "ETTE" is short for Endure to the End.


  1. Thanks so much. This is my favorite of all the ones I've seen. You just saved me a lot of time. :)

  2. Just wanted to say thanks! I used your flipchart like a picture book. I told the children that I loved stories and especially liked to hear stories that were true. The story I was going to share with them was all about them and it was true. I read the story to them. Then we sang the story line by line. We stopped and talked about how the pictures related to the words and bore testimony. It really was an effective way to teach the song. Everyone from Sunbeams to 11-year-olds were engaged in learning.

  3. That is just awesome, thanks so much for all your efforts!

  4. Thank you for this! One question, and please forgive me if this is totally ignorant, but what does "ETTE" mean on your path with the green signs?

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    Laura...I'm so sorry, I meant to post it. "ETTE" is short for Endure To the End. :)

  6. I just discovered your blog the other day and I love it! I have been Primary chorister many times in my life and always welcome new and exciting ideas. Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas with us all!

  7. Thank you! I love your picture choices :)

  8. WOW! This was beautifully done, and I thank you SO MUCH for all the effort you put into this! It is absolutely perfect for what I was looking for. Thank you!!!

  9. Thank You So MUCH for sharing!
    Music Leader in Orem

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  12. Thank you! This is so perfect and I loved the idea to read it like a book and tell them its a true story. My kids will be captivated on Sunday!