Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't Forget the Lyrics

 My teenagers like to watch the game show,
Don't Forget the Lyrics.  

I am going to modify it to my own taste using the song, I Will Follow God's Plan.

In the game show contestants sing a song, karaoke style, as they read the words to the song from a screen. At any given time in the song the words on the screen turn to blank spaces. To win a round, the contestant must continue singing all the correct words and fill in the blank phrase. The host then asks the contestant if he or she would like to "lock in the lyrics" they just sang. At this point the contestant has a chance to change the lyrics he or she sang to correct them. After the lyrics are locked in, the correct lyrics are revealed, and if the player was correct he or she moves on to the next round.

My version:

  • Open this Don't Forget the Lyrics.pdf and print the words to the song on white card stock. Make sure you print on both sides of the card stock. The complete words to I Will Follow God's Plan are printed in black, and will appear on one side of the cardstock. The same phrases printed in green leave out some of the key words, and should appear on the opposite side of each complete phrase.
If you have problems downloading the PDF from the link above, or the "download" button below, email me at and I will zap the PDF to you.

  • Set up a microphone with a stand for the "contestant" to use while singing. 
  • On the white board or chalk board write a series of points. Mine will look something like this:


How to play:
Welcome the children to Singing Time and ask them if they are ready to play Don't Forget the Lyrics. Be sure to explain what the word "Lyric" means. Tell them that the goal today is to reach 1,000 points! Explain: A child will come to the front as the first contestant, and will begin singing I Will Follow God's Plan with the piano. They will get to read the words to the song off of the cards. When they see a green phrase on one of the cards they will know that they have to sing the blank words of the song. I will write the missing words that they sang on the white/chalk board, and then ask them if they are ready to "lock in the lyrics". They can change the phrase, or lock it in. After the lyrics have been locked in, the correct phrase will be revealed by turning the card with green font over to reveal the correct phrase in black font. If the phrase is correct, put a check mark or star next to the lowest point value. Continue by selecting a new child for the next round, and adding a star or check mark next to each point level until you reach the top! (Or run out of time!)

The phrase cards are designed so that you can randomly and quickly choose any phrase to flip over and slide into place to begin a new round. And of course, you (or a helper) will need to hold and flip the phrase cards as the child sings.

I will modify this for the Junior Primary by asking my pianist to stop playing when a green card is shown, so the child will know that he or she is to sing the complete phrase after the piano stops.

Have fun!


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I'm doing this tomorrow! Thanks!!

  2. I am a primary chorister. I happened across your site. I just wanted to say thank you. I haven't felt good all week and I was paniced thinking what I am going to do tomorrow. This will flow so nicely with our activity last week. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Anne Marie and L C M. I hope it worked out nicely for you!