Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowball Fight

Fifth Sunday tomorrow. We have worked so hard on If I Listen with My Heart, so its time for some easy going mid-winter fun!

First, I'll play the DVD I made of If I Listen with My Heart. I haven't played it for them since I introduced them to it the first week of January, so it will be a real treat for them to sing it with the music video and see for themselves how far they have come.

Then, Snowball Fight!

I'll give everyone a half sheet of paper and pencil, and ask them to write their favorite primary song on it. The teachers and presidency members will have to step in here and help the ones who can not write.

As soon as everyone has a song written on their paper, I'll tell them we are going to have a snowball fight.

(Then I am going to wait for the reverent calm goodness! They get so excited!)

On the count of three, I'll ask the children to wad up their paper into a "snowball" and get ready to throw me! I'll say something like this: "I'll count down from three, and when I say "snowball!" everyone throw their snowball at meeeee!" Of course, I'll give a few false starts, like, "3....2...1....macaroni and cheeeeeese!!!"....and then finally I'll brace my self mentally and say it!

With the mess of "snowballs" around me, I'll pick up one, open it, and we'll sing the song written on it. We'll continue opening snowballs and singing until we are out of time.

Can't wait!

Have fun!


  1. Can this video only be played on the computer? I am having a hard time getting it to play on my TV. Any suggestions I'd appreciate! Thank you.

  2. I just don't know what I would have done without all your amazing ideas for this song this month. I was looking for something simple and fun for Sr. Primary since they know this song well and the snowball fight will be perfect. Oh, and your video of the song (which I played for the kids the 1st Sunday in January) is so beautiful. Thank you for being so creative and talented and sharing that talent.

  3. We did this last Sunday and I have heard from several parents that their kids LOVED it! The only thing is I had in the middle of it one flying pencil, I should have made sure all writing utensils had been confiscated! I am definitely doing this again.