Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crazy Hat Day!

Tomorrow I am doing Crazy Hat Day! 

 Ususally for Crazy  Hat Day! I use my son's HUGE sombrero. I put all kinds of tacky items on it, dangling from it, all over it, you get the picture. I review the song and whichever class I judge sings the best, their teacher gets to wear "the hat". It's crazy fun, and we get a lot of repetition in. My hat usually ends up looking something like this, except huge, because of the sombrero:

However, I was scrolling through some other blogs and I really liked this version from The Crazy Chorister. I have a lot of hats collected, so instead of the one big hat, I'll have one of the children from the best singing class come to the front and choose a hat from my big green bag. Oh, I have three or four tacky wigs, too, I'll throw those in.

So tomorrow we are going to be reviewing verse three of If I Listen with My Heart. We will begin by singing the entire song all the way through for a refresher. Then I'll talk about the words in verse three and explain what they mean, and how they relate to the pictures in my flip chart. The children already know the song pretty well at this point, so we will then play Crazy Hat Day! to practice singing the third verse.

Have fun!

This was an absolute blast. We had reverence. We had fun. And what a fantastic song, right? I so love being chorister!


  1. Hello!
    I just wanted to tell you that I used this last week to review both January and February's songs and the kids, teachers, presidency and me all had a BALL!!! It was absolutely hilarious! The kids sang their little hearts out. By the end we had every single adult in the room wearing some kind of CrAzY Wacky or Tacky hat! We had men teachers wearing tiaras with wigs too! Ha ha ha... :D We also took pictures at the end of the whole primary. I overheard some of the kids from junior primary saying..."This is the BEST primary EVER!" Awe... I love my job! :) Thanks for all the funtastic ideas! Love love your site!

  2. I have to echo Dalyn. I did this in primary today to review our song for this month and the kids were AMAZING! The Sunbeams all sang out for the first time! All were extremely motivated to put silly hats/wigs on their teachers. It was great fun and they learned too. I LOVE my calling and I love your ideas! Thank you.