Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Going There Someday...

This week I wanted to stress to the primary children the importance preparing to go to the temple right now, so I created this game based on this graphic found on pages 74-75 of the October 2010 Ensign, shown below. (I also used this graphic in my I Love to See the Temple flip chart.)
Yes, too tiny to see what the words say, but that's okay. I've added them to my game and you will be able to read them there. This is what my game board looks like:
 (The bluish/gray background represents a chalk board.)

I created a PDF of the game board if you would like to print it for yourself. 

You will need 15 sheets of plain white paper or card stock. Print the PDF and cut out each page. The game board tiles are meant to be cut out in groups, so cut out the sets of 4 and 2 (shapes) on each page as groups, not individual shapes. (Cut out the grouped shapes on the outer edges, not in between.) 

Cut around the black lines of the pictures/phrases. (These are the phrases that are in the first picture above from the October 2010 Ensign, pages 74-75.) Fold the "phrase" backwards along the solid line that separates the phrase from the picture, so it is hidden when placed on the game board. 

Arrange your game board on a white/chalk board, using tape or magnets to secure. (The black dots on the game board shown above represent magnets holding the picture in place, and also indicate which game board piece the image rests on.)

I have made very simple and uncomplicated rules for this game. Feel free to mix it up a little if you want something different. 

  • Don't forget the game piece and dice. I will be using  a fancy magnet for my game piece and only one die. 

How to Play:

With your fancy magnet game piece on the beginning tile, have a child roll the die. The first image (of Jesus Christ) is on the 6th tile, so if they roll a three, have them roll again until the game piece lands on, or just passes the first image. Show the first image, and unfold the hidden phrase. Explain why we must have faith in Jesus Christ to prepare to go to the temple. 

Sing The Fourth Article of Faith.

Call a new child to come to the front and roll the die, and repeat the process for the next picture. 

Here is a list of the pictures, and the songs that I'll be doing with this game. If other songs fit your primary better, change them to whatever works best for you!

  • Faith in Jesus Christ. (Picture of Jesus Christ), Sing The Fourth Article of Faith
  • Pray to gain a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. (Picture of girl praying), sing Praise to the Man. (Because Joseph Smith prayed to know which church was true.)
  • Obey the Commandments. (Picture of tithing money), Sing I will Follow God's Plan for Me.
  • Learn to be reverent, because the temple is a very reverent place. (Picture of reverent girl), sing Reverence is Love.
  • Be baptized and keep your baptismal covenants. (Picture of girl getting baptized), sing When Jesus Christ was Baptized.
  • After you are baptized and confirmed, always strive to have the Holy Ghost with you, and repent when you make a wrong decision. (Picture of children taking the sacrament), sing If I listen with My Heart (because the third verse talks about listening to the Holy Ghost).
Keep rolling the die until you reach the temple image, then sing I love to see the Temple

Have fun!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I had actually thought of doing a game like this, but I haven't made it yet. This makes it so much easier to prepare. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work!

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Seriously, what would I do without you?! Thank you for having wonderful ideas, creating wonderful things and then sharing them. I just decided to change from what I was planning on doing today (too much of the same stuff) and this will be perfect and easy to switch to.