Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Temple Covenants

What blessings have you received from making and keeping your temple covenants?

Please share any thoughts.



  1. I just read your last few posts - I am also a Patterson, hello distant cousin!

    I felt that I needed to leave a comment. Blessing I have received from keeping temple covenants.

    Companionship- this applies to married couples. I know that my hubs is going to be there for me always. Trials, struggles, depressions, we are going to go through it together.

    Understanding- that I wont always get the answer, sometimes the Lord sends angels to teach us. These angels could be my hubs, his family, a friend, my primary children, the prophet, etc.

    It's easier to keep an eye on the eternal perspective when you are actively going to the temple. With all the daily struggles it's easy to forget the concept of eternity.

    Maybe that helps!

  2. When God wanted to bind His people to him, as in "they will be my people and I will be their God," He made a covenant with them. I really am comforted by the thought that I am bound to God through my covenants. I belong to Him and He is my God. This brings me comfort and hope and like Lauren, it helps me keep my perspective on eternal things. I know that is probably a little heavy for Primary. ;o) I am also blessed to be sealed to my family and I am blessed by giving service in the temple. I am also blessed by the continued effort to remain worthy by keeping the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity, paying my tithing, sustaining our authorities, etc.

  3. Kathleen...not for Primary. For my stake conference talk. Ack! Thank you for your very beautiful insight.

    Brent and Lauren, thank you. Such a great perspective. In my studying today, I learned how temple attendance and keeping our covenants endows us with great power. Exactly what we need to strengthen us in times of trial.

    Please keep the answers coming!

  4. I read this post first and commented, thinking that you were working ahead of time on a temple theme for Primary! Silly me, then I read the other post and realized you must want the temple thoughts for your talk. I do hope it all goes well for you! You are dealing well with all this stress?!? Good luck.