Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Stress, Nope. None.

I mentioned in a comment in my last post that our primary had not been asked to sing on Mother's Day.

Woot! After all, Stake Conference for my stake is the week before Mother's Day this year. And, add to that, I am taking a big bite out of our May song, Praise to the Man, this Sunday. Fine with me if we don't have to stress about singing in Sacrament Meeting.

Then dear Brother Music Chairman asked me Sunday..."We still on for the Primary to sing in Sacrament Meeting on Mother's Day....and Father's Day?"


"Huh? What? We are singing on Mother's Day?..."

So, yes. We are signing on Mother's Day. It will be a very short (familiar, even too often sung) medley, but that's okay. The children will really shine for their moms!

Now lets see....we have this Sunday to work on Praise to the Man AND a Mother's Day medley, and then next Sunday is Stake Conference....(Sort of a day off. I get to actually be spiritually filled and fed! Yay me!) Then the next week is Mother's Day and my son's birthday who was actually born on Mother's Day... 


Hold on, it's my Stake President.

President: "Hello Sister Patterson. I'm calling to extend an invitation for you to speak in Stake Conference a week from Saturday."


"Twelve minutes..."


"...The Importance of Making and Keeping Temple Covenants."

Me: "Uh...yes. Of course."



  1. Ah, poor Bridges! I'm really sympathizing with you here. Okay, and laughing just a bit because you were going along just fine, no problem. That is always a sure sign that the ax is going to fall... Good luck to you. ;o)

  2. Will I be adding too much to your stress if I ask you to share the details of your Mother's Day medley?
    Good luck to you.

  3. LOL @(with) Kathleen. Thanks!

    Laura, soon as I decide I'll post it here. No, it's not too much, thanks for being so kind about it. :)