Saturday, October 9, 2010


It's finally here! The first of two Sundays before my ward's Children's Sacrament Meeting Program!

I love it, because I finally get to see the fruits our combined labors, as a member of the Primary board. Tomorrow both junior and senior primaries, (about 100 children) will rehearse the Children's Sacrament Meeting Program. All together. In the chapel.


Pure de-light!

They know the songs.
They know their speaking parts.
Its a matter of logistics.

I get to pop up when its my turn, and turn up the volume! See the magic first-hand. Close my eyes and feel the chills and the Spirit. If the tears come I'll let them flow. The children are going to be awesome.

You know how everyone says that the Children's Sacrament meeting Program is their favorite Sunday of the year? Well, lucky me (and you too, assuming you are also a primary chorister), I get to experience it tomorrow, next Sunday, the following Saturday, AND performance day.
I love theses children. I love this calling! Its going to be awesome.


  1. And they love you! Can't wait to see it. You rock, Sister Patterson :)

  2. We had our program today and WOW, the kids sang far better than they ever did in practices. It was truly a choir of angels!!!

    Sister Ary
    Simi Valley 5th Ward