Saturday, September 25, 2010

Program Review

Our Sacrament Meeting Program is October 24th. I asked the counselor over me if I could have all forty minutes of sharing time/music time combined, for music this week, and she happily agreed! I have debated whether to incorporate a super fun activity, or just work on what needs to be done. I really want the children to get a feel of how the program songs flow together, so I have chosen to just rehearse. My plan is to practice rising and sitting cues before and after the songs, work on dynamics and diction, and generally polish all the program songs.

In my primary, I have taught them sign language to The Holy Ghost, so that's one we really need to brush up on. Also, for Follow the Prophet, each class has been assigned one verse, except for the last new verse "Heavenly Father loves us, wants us to return...." which we will all sing together. I want to practice having each class come up to the front to sing their verse, and sitting down during the chorus, while the next class comes up, and then flow right into singing the last verse all together. I also have a couple of soloists singing some of the extra verses of Come Follow Me, so we'll add them into the mix.

Next, we'll go through all the songs on the program, in order, with standing up and sitting down, and I am thinking that will pretty much use up all the time! If I find a little extra time, we'll do some fun activity songs.

I hope you are having as much fun preparing for the Program as I am. I truly love it! Oh, and enjoy General Conference next Sunday. I know I will.

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