Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday Night Specials category...."Saturday Night Specials" (SNS). This is a category for anyone who has had a week like mine. CrAzY cRaZy CrAzInEsS! It will be listed under "All the Stuff" in the column on the right (scroll down) that will have ideas that can be put together in a flash!

So here I am at 11:59 PM on a Saturday night, no not the first time. I'm tired. I still have dishes to do. I have been going strong since the dog woke me up at 6:30 this morning, and now? Finally...sit down here and ....*deep breath*...I am ready to begin working on Primary. Oh, it's Ward Conference tomorrow, for me, too. We are going to have a blast with the stake leaders there.

The first SNS is great idea that that I have done previously, and The Crazy Chorister also has a good version of this game.

Stump the Chorister/Teacher

Gather together a bunch of dress up props.

These are the things I have:
  1. a parasol (or use an umbrella)
  2. old leather hat
  3. tiara
  4. thin plastic rain slick
  5. soccer shin guard
  6. lei
  7. glove
  8. huge toy sunglasses
  9. kimono
  10. flashing jack o' lantern necklace
  11. scarf
  12. bandanna
  13. sarong
  14. fanny pack
  15. neck pillow
  16. woman's wig
  17. snorkeling goggles
  18. straw hat

I have put them in my special green bag:

*Side note: My grandmother made this bag for me when I was about 13. When the children see me walk into the chapel before church meetings begin with this simple drawstring bag, the excitement is audible. They get exited because I use it for all kinds of fun games and activities. I can hear them say, "Look Mom! Sister Patterson brought the green bag!" Oh, how I love this calling.*

To Play:
You will need a bunch of questions to ask the teachers and/or leaders in the room. Or you can have the teachers write question to stump you. My questions will be focused on service because we are singing Have I Done Any Good? for the month of August, and I will be trying to stump the teachers.  

I will ask ask a teacher from each class one of my questions. If they answer correctly, I have to wear an object from my green bag. If they answer incorrectly, or they don't know the answer, they have to wear an object from my green bag. After they have given their answer, a child from their class reaches into the bag and removes the item to be worn. (Naturally, I don't want to end up wearing everything in the bag, so I am going to try to make my questions difficult, and hopefully some are ridiculously impossible!) The teacher or I puts on the item while we all sing one of the verses or the chorus of the song. We will alternate verses, then the chorus, with each turn.

So here's my list of questions that will be drawn at random:
  1. Where did Sister Bagley serve her mission?
  2. How many school kits did our primary complete at our activity day? 
  3. Where is the scripture "Choose ye this day...we will serve the Lord." found?
  4. Complete the phrase: There are chances for work all around just now, ____________ _____ __ ___ ___.
  5. What might pass by in the phrase "Do not let them pass by?"
  6. Guess how many words make up the song? You have three seconds.
  7. Where did Bishop Allred serve a mission?
  8. What is the highest note we sing in Have I Done Any Good? Guess.
  9. What is the last phrase of the song
  10. (Show a picture from the flip chart of Have I done any Good?): Recite the phrase in the song that goes with this picture.
  11. In 30 seconds or less name how many times the word "today" is sung?
  12. In 30 seconds or less name how many times the word "I" is sung?
  13. Complete the phrase "Only he who does something helps others to live, __ __ ___ ____ ____ ____ __ _____."
  14. What is wrong with this phrase: "Has anyone's burden been brighter today because I was willing to share?"
  15. Who wrote the words to Have I Done Any Good?
  16. Who was the first person to sing this song? (A: I have no idea.)
  17. Recite the second verse
  18. Recite the chorus in a language other than English.

Have Fun!


  1. This is a super cute game.

    I love your site and have added your RSS feed to my LDS Primary aggregator. Thank you!

  2. I have done this last year and we combined with sharing time which is the way it is supposed to be done right?! It was awesome! The kids and I had fun! Thanks for the alternate way. I love your site.

  3. Thanks LDS Young Women for adding me to your feed. I have added your site to my Fabulous Primary Blogs list.

    Amy, our primary does not combine music and sharing time, but that sounds like a wonderful way of doing it!

  4. This was a great game - used it last Sunday and the kids loved it! Thanks for all of your great ideas.

  5. What a fun idea! I used this last Sunday with the song I was teaching and the kids LOVED it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. We played this with a twist as a reward for such a great program. (done last week!) Chorister vs the primary. Name that tune 3 notes only ~ songs specifically chosen for each class. Wacky items in gift bags. Class gets it right someone picks a bag for me to open and wear/ class gets it wrong ~child who finally guesses song picks bag for teacher to wear. If class doesn't sing well enough~teacher can pass item to child ~ FUN!