Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Minute To Win It

Or..."30 Seconds To Win It".  After all, I only have 20 precious minutes for music time (and sometimes less), so every second counts!

It's the last Sunday of the month which means review time, and even more exciting, we have now learned ALL the program songs. Woohoo! *Pat yourself on the back and take a bow.*

So, game show fanatic that I am (I actually tried to get on Millionaire a few times), we are going to play A Minute To Win It, except I am cutting each game to 30 seconds to save time. I will be modifying each game so that they can be done in 30 seconds.

A Minute To Win It

You will need:

A stop watch or a clock or watch of any kind with a second hand.

Choose as many A Minute To Win It games as you have songs to review. You can make up your own or go to the official A Minute To Win It website and choose from all the games posted there. These are my picks:
Write each Minute To Win It game on a strip of paper and place in a hat/fishbowl/gift-box.

 Gather all the supplies you will need for each game.

Write all the review songs (or draw a simple picture for each song) on the chalk/white board.

How to play:

Assign each class the task of choosing one contestant from their class. It could be a child or a teacher.

Each contestant comes to the front of the room and chooses a slip of paper from the hat/fishbowl/gift-box with one of the games listed on it. The contestant plays that game for their class. If they are able to complete the task in less than one minute (or in my case, 30 seconds) then the contestant chooses which program/review song to sing from the list of songs on the chalk/whiteboard. If they loose then I get to choose the review song to sing.

Explain to the children that there must be complete silence while the game is being played (no cheering or jeering) in order that the contestant has complete concentration....which will greatly aid in keeping a more reverent atmosphere!

Have fun!


  1. I love this! Do you think the same games will work for Junior and Senior Primary? Sometimes, making changes for one or the other stumps me a bit.

    I love, love your website and refer to it often.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Yes, you have a very good point! I think for the three and four year old's the games will have to be simplified. Perhaps just throwing 6 beanbags into a laundry basket could be a simple enough game for them.

    Anyone else have any simple ideas for smaller children?

  3. Thanks for the last-minute save! I was needing something to make our review fun.

  4. These instructions are awesome! They have an entire booklet full of games and instructions on how to play them on the Minute to Win It website. Here is the link

  5. Hi! I work for Minute to Win it and if you have any pictures or information on the games your playing in the classrooms we would love to here about it! Email me at

  6. I love this idea for primary! I am using it for tomorrow! Thank you for all your creative ideas - your website is such a lifesaver!!