Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little Vacay for Me

That's right, it's Stake Conference for my ward this Sunday.  I'll also be gone the following Sunday, at my parents' home for Thanksgiving weekend. ( I am SO excited! Its been 13 years since I have been 'home' for Thanksgiving!) 

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Happy Thanksgiving and have fun!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Disguise theTurkey!

This is an idea that originated on But instead of using a clip-art turkey, I'll be using one of the teachers.
In my case, we are reviewing the song Scripture Power, which we learned last week. I plan on going over all the words to the song, then singing the song once, before beginning this game.

Disguise the Turkey!

You will need:
  •  Props to make the chosen victim teacher a turkey. I found a great turkey mask here, and shown below is an idea for a pilgrim hat I am going to place on my "turkey's" head (I am thinking, ice cream bucket + paper sack + belt with buckle):

  • Items to diguise your "turkey", such as a wig, trench coat, large sunglasses, umbrella, gloves, etc. I think I'll add a sign that says "I'm not a turkey!" to hang around the neck.
  • Nest: bean bag chair for the turkey to sit in.
  • Phrases of the song you are going to review on slips of paper, or a list of thanksgiving songs each written on slips of paper, or ways to sing songs written on slips of paper. Attach a slip of paper to each disguise item. (I will be attaching the cards shown below, which you can download for free *Aaack! I love free stuff* over at Divine Secrets of a Primary Chorister LOVE these, I use them all the time!)

    How to Play

    • Choose which teacher will play the "turkey". Maybe do this by having all the children sing a phrase of the song, and whichever class sings the most ideally, then their teacher is chosen. 
    • Put the turkey mask and the pilgrim hat on the teacher, then have them sit on the beanbag chair. 
    • Say something like: "Boys and girls, this is our Thanksgiving Turkey, Brother ________. How old are you Brother ________?" (He answers 42.)  "FORTY TWO! Wow! You have been escaping being cooked for Thanksgiving dinner for forty-two years? What's your secret?" (Wait for response.) "Boys and girls, I think I know how to keep Brother __________ from getting cooked this year, too. Lets put a disguise on him!"
    • Explain that you have brought several items that would disguise a turkey, and that each disguise has a note pinned on it, telling us how we are going to sing our song today (or which phrase, song of gratitude will be sung).
    • Call up a child to choose one of the disguises to be placed on the teacher, then sing the song, phrase or style that is written on the paper.
    Have Fun!

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Scripture Power

     Fifty-four days ago my Primary Presidency issued a challenge to the Primary children, as well as all members of the ward, to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. And guess what, we are doing it! Families are doing it! Friends are doing it! Individuals are doing it! I am doing it!

    The primary President asked me to teach the children Scripture Power, so that the children will be prepared to sing it at the Ward Christmas Party in December, or a Sacrament Meeting special musical number, or both.

    Here is flip chart I a made: Scripture Power.pdf
    Open it, print it, two sided, on white card-stock. Laminate, then bind it on the left side.

    I will be teaching it this coming Sunday. Nothing fancy or difficult to do; I'll just be explaining the words and how they relates to each picture in the flip chart. Then we'll sing each phrase, put them all together, and voila! Done! This is a fantastic song. Its going to be a good time!

    Have fun!