Saturday, November 13, 2010

Disguise theTurkey!

This is an idea that originated on But instead of using a clip-art turkey, I'll be using one of the teachers.
In my case, we are reviewing the song Scripture Power, which we learned last week. I plan on going over all the words to the song, then singing the song once, before beginning this game.

Disguise the Turkey!

You will need:
  •  Props to make the chosen victim teacher a turkey. I found a great turkey mask here, and shown below is an idea for a pilgrim hat I am going to place on my "turkey's" head (I am thinking, ice cream bucket + paper sack + belt with buckle):

  • Items to diguise your "turkey", such as a wig, trench coat, large sunglasses, umbrella, gloves, etc. I think I'll add a sign that says "I'm not a turkey!" to hang around the neck.
  • Nest: bean bag chair for the turkey to sit in.
  • Phrases of the song you are going to review on slips of paper, or a list of thanksgiving songs each written on slips of paper, or ways to sing songs written on slips of paper. Attach a slip of paper to each disguise item. (I will be attaching the cards shown below, which you can download for free *Aaack! I love free stuff* over at Divine Secrets of a Primary Chorister LOVE these, I use them all the time!)

    How to Play

    • Choose which teacher will play the "turkey". Maybe do this by having all the children sing a phrase of the song, and whichever class sings the most ideally, then their teacher is chosen. 
    • Put the turkey mask and the pilgrim hat on the teacher, then have them sit on the beanbag chair. 
    • Say something like: "Boys and girls, this is our Thanksgiving Turkey, Brother ________. How old are you Brother ________?" (He answers 42.)  "FORTY TWO! Wow! You have been escaping being cooked for Thanksgiving dinner for forty-two years? What's your secret?" (Wait for response.) "Boys and girls, I think I know how to keep Brother __________ from getting cooked this year, too. Lets put a disguise on him!"
    • Explain that you have brought several items that would disguise a turkey, and that each disguise has a note pinned on it, telling us how we are going to sing our song today (or which phrase, song of gratitude will be sung).
    • Call up a child to choose one of the disguises to be placed on the teacher, then sing the song, phrase or style that is written on the paper.
    Have Fun!