Friday, March 9, 2012

Just dropped in to say hello....!

Whoo-hoo! No, being Cub Master is not killing me. We just had our Blue & Gold. Weird being in charge of something like that, and actually doing nothing (except to bring a water cooler full of ice water as assigned by my food committee chair...[I always picture a chair] Okay, so I also conducted the meeting (child's-play). Still, weird. Weird to delegate and let others be in control of all the different committees.

I do really miss being the Primary Chorister, but not to an obsessed level. Mostly I miss how I am fading into the world of anonymous adults at church. I miss how the little ones used to run up to me with hugs or a picture they drew. Now they look at me tilting their heads as their parents carry them down the long hall, with a look in their eyes as if they have the fringes of a memory of some crazy lady doing the granny dance...somewhere... Just as I think they are going to bury their sleepy Sacrament Meeting eyes into their daddy's neck, I am recognized and a little smile appears. Mmmm-hmmmm. That's a great feeling.

I'd love to hear from you. Comment and tell me how much fun you are having!


  1. Hi Bridges, yup - I still check up on you. I'm still the chorister - I think I could do it in my sleep, in fact I think I do now and then! I miss your funny posts, but I'm sure the cub scouts love you.

  2. Now that you are enjoying your retirement (I know that's impossible and you really worked much harder on that Blue and Gold than you would have us think) I am getting most of my ideas from Kathleen. I love both of you women and appreciate your creativity and inspiration. So here I sit, Sunday morning, trying to find a bit of inspiration before I do "my thing." Still enjoying Primary music and going on my 6th consecutive year... this time around. I can't even remember how many times I've done this. Gee, I am getting old.

  3. I'm loving my calling still but I seriously miss your flip charts. I'm unsuccessful at making them myself. I feel like I spend hours scouring the web trying to find something half as wonderful as yours are. I'm glad your doing well and enjoying your calling. If you ever feel like making a flip chart let me know. I have a whole list of requests. lol.

  4. I, too, am afraid that one day I will become that adult who just sits in the fourth row of RS. No important calling that touches the lives of primary children...but we have to tell ourselves...NOT TODAY!!! I am positive those Cubs love you and you're fun ideas!!!! I still use your site because it's AMAZING! Thank you for being instrumental in my quest to become a good Primary Chorister!!!

  5. Thanks for you comments! Kathleen, are both my heros.

    Michele...thanks for your kind words on the flip charts. I can't believe how full my life is. And I can't help but wonder if my primary chorister "mantle" is what gave me the creativity I needed for the flip charts...and doing them now....might not be as inspirational. LOL But I did enjoy making them, and if I ever find myself needing something to do, I'll take some requests!

    Ruffles Edges, NOT TODAY!!! LOL! I am sure you must be fantastic! (based on my giggling while reading your comment.) Thanks for coming back to my blog. I am finding RS to be comfortable, is that sad? Am I just getting old? Hehe

  6. I pop in and check on you too. Primary Chorister is the BEST calling in the world - where you can teach and touch the spirits of the children through music. I don't remember any Primary Sharing Times or lessons, but boy do I remember the Primary Chorister and how I felt when I sang the Primary Songs. I am not chorister any more but LOVE it when I get to substitute. Our new ward shares the building of our old ward. Even though it has been 2 years since I was in our old ward as Primary Chorister, I love to see that flicker of remembering who I am in the children's eyes and even getting a hug or two from a couple of them when we pass in the hallway as our new ward finishes and our old ward comes in.