Saturday, August 27, 2011

Truth or Consequenses 2011 Program Review Edition

Ward Conference tomorrow!

We are going to play an updated version of Truth or Consequences (click here to go to my original post last October). We will play it the same way, but with trivia questions relating to all the program songs for 2011.

Here is the PDF with trivia questions for the 2011songs:

Click on the above link to open the file. Print the first three pages first (I did mine on cardstock), then flip the pages over so you can print pages 4-6 on the back side of the cards. Page 7 is a list of the songs and questions.
Keep in mind I have two additional songs, (The Iron Rod and Scripture Power), as well as the two songs that were songs of choice (Reverence is Love and The 4th Article of Faith). Your songs may be different so you'll want to add your own trivia questions to replace mine.

Have Fun!


  1. You are so awesome, thank you so much! I can't tell you how devastated I was to hear you might be getting released soon. You were my saving grace when I first started and I love all your ideas--and the way you break them down for us and give us the document that goes along with the idea. Too bad I couldn't have seen you in action when I was up in your area! Thanks again!

  2. You were up in my area? I would have loved to have met you Evelania! Thanks for your kind compliments. Just counting down the Sundays....

  3. I will be lost without you too. You are my first stop every week when preparing for singing time!