Sunday, June 12, 2011

Program Perfect!

Our song for June is The Fourth Article of Faith. The children did so well last week learning it, so I am only going to have them sing through it once or twice this week. Afterwards we will be working on our Father's Day Sacrament Meeting presentation song, Teach Me to Walk in the Light. I have decided to ask the Bishopric to sing the second verse for the Father's Day Sacrament Meeting performance. *cough-cough* I'll let you know how that goes. LOL

*Update* The Bishop said YES! YeeHaw! (I am so grateful!)

The children learned Teach Me to Walk in the Light last year, so all we need to do is polish it! We will be playing:

Program Perfect!

 You will need: 
  • Sand timer, game timer, kitchen timer, or any other kind of timer. 
  • Tape recorder or other device to make an audio recording (I am using my Smart Phone).
  • These: Program Perfect Level-Challenge Cards.pdf. Open and print on one page of white or colored card stock, printing on both sides of the card stock. Cut out each Level card.
Front and back sides of the cards:

To Play:

Display the cards, front side out, on the white board. Explain that you want them to really polish this song for Sacrament Meeting next week, but that you will take it one level at a time. Turn over level card 1 and explain the challenge.

The idea is that the children have to pass off one level before moving on to the next. If, as a group, they do not pass any level (either because it was not sung well, or because the level challenge was not done properly), they must go back to the previous level and pass it off again before moving on to the next. I plan on stopping mid-song when I can see a level will not be passed off, and immediately going back to the previous challenge.

For level one, set the timer to a predetermined amount of time, (unless it's a sand timer, just turn it over) and attempt to sing the song before the timer goes off or the sand runs out. You could even have a child try to conduct the song to see if they can help everyone pass the challenge.

For level 5, have the children sing their very best, as if they are doing it for their parents, as you record them.

Proceed through each level, and at the end of level 5, play back the recording of the children singing.  

Have fun!

This activity went very well! I was amazed at how the Jr. Primary zipped right through all the challenges without having to repeat any of them! Naturally I thought it would be too easy when it was Sr. Primary's turn. However, I had to stop Sr. Primary mid-turn when they were holding up one foot because one child began hopping all over, and then several others followed. I guess hopping on one foot has sort of a viral effect. Who knew?  Then I made the Sr. kids do verse three only on the every other word challenge. I saw some of them losing their places and it made me crack up and lose my place, resulting in all of us having to go down one level. It was incredibly fun.

Tip: One thing that really helped us all on the every other word challenge was covering our mouths with our hand when the words were silent.


  1. Cute idea! I am always telling my sweet primary children, Ok now it's time to sing the song Program Perfect. They love to do it this way. Now you made a game... AWESOME! They will love it. Thanks for your wonderful ideas and sharing!

  2. I just LOVE your blog!! you always have such cute ideas for those of us that are creatively challenged!!

  3. Can't wait to do this next week. I love your blog!

  4. Great idea! When we do "every other word" I have the room split in half and it goes back and forth between the two sides. Just a different variation :)

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