Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reverence is Love

I made this flip chart to teach  Reverence is Love.pdf  this Sunday. The images below illustrate how the PDF will look when printed, laminated and bound on the left side.

Here's the cover:

And here are the inside pages:

Reverence is Love.pdf
Open and print the PDF on white cardstock. You will need 9 sheets of cardstock, and you will need to set your printer to print on both sides of the cardstock paper. Laminate each page and then bind on the left side.

Have fun!


  1. THANK YOU! This is our April song for 2011. When I saw this I couldn't help but feel a big rush of gratitude and a warmth in my heart.

    I owe you something!

  2. Saw this on Sugardoodle. I should have guessed you made it cuz it's awesome like all of your stuff!
    Wish it was my April choice, but alas, it's not!

  3. I created a condensed 2.0 version of your beautiful flip chart! :) The condensed version has only 9 pages which I saved both in Word and as a pdf!
    I printed it 2-sided on five sheets of card stock. I kept 'page 1' as the first one and so that pages 2&3 open facing each other in book form as do 4&5, 6&7 and, 8&9.
    If we begin leading the song with it open to pages 2&3 then, we need only turn pages 3 times during the entire song!!! (Saves on expensive paper and binder space too.)
    Thanks for creating this wonderful flip chart!
    P.S. I will try posting it on if you are okay with that.

  4. Thanks a bunch.... it is still super handy for this last sharing time lesson on Reverence!

  5. Thanks for this! You just saved me a TON of time!