Friday, July 23, 2010

Come, Come Ye Saints

I am going to show this in Primary this Sunday. I think it will really set the mood.

I am downloading it to my laptop using, and I'll show it to the kids from my laptop.


  1. Once again, I have to say thank you for your amazing ideas! I am using the video in Primary as well.....and I loved your "Wagon Wheel of Fortune." Super cute!

  2. Thanks, Cori...I have to say...I learned a lesson showing this from my about 50 kids in Jr. and another 50 in Sr.....FLOP! You know how a laptop screen is you have to have it at just the right angle to see the picture well? That didn't fly so well with so many bodies. I felt really badly hearing so many, "I can't see!"'s...sort of took away from the mood I was trying to set. LOL Oh, well, next time I'll have to set up the projector and screen.

  3. That is soooo funny....last minute, Saturday night I called someone in the ward that was IT swavy and he was able to save it to a disc for me......I need to learn how to save it to a DVD...just need to take the time to figure it out! Thanks again for the great ideas!

  4. HI, were you able to figure out how to convert to a dvd? I read somewhere that you could get the songs in sign and put it on dvd? I am using I feel my saviors love (presidencies choice as I was put in after the decision process). The kids already know this song fairly well so I thought sign would help it sink the emotion in. If you have any directions on how to accomplish this task feel free to share? thanks, your sight is soooo helpful!

  5. Hi Becci,

    When I have taught sign language I find the song on the website:

    I teach the signs to myself and then teach it to the kids. I don't do every single sign, just the major ones. The kids absolutely love it, and pay very good attention.

  6. Becci,

    Copy and paste that link into your browser and it will bring up "I Feel My Savior's Love" sign language video.