Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother May I

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This week we are going to prepare to sing in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday for Mother's Day. We will be singing a medley of the following songs:

Quickly I'll Obey, verse 1 with the optional ostinato (Children's Songbook p. 197)
I Often Go Walking, verse 1 (Children's Songbook p. 202) 
Mother Tell Me the Story, duet with one of the mom's teaching primary (Children's Songbook p. 204)
Mother Dear, verse 1(Children's Songbook p. 206)

To make the medley flow a little better, I will print I Often Go Walking  and Mother Dear to the key of G for my pianist, using the key converter on the link listed next to the songs above. (The other two songs are written in the same G key.)

Mother May I
You will need:
  • Mother props, such as a frilly apron, rolling pin, iron, or whatever you can think of that represents a mother.
  • Teaching/review aids for the 4 songs listed above.
  • 4 pictures of mothers with one of the four songs written on the back side of each. You can print my selection below if you would like to. They are all from The Friend magazine:

  • Place 4 pictures of mothers in four different areas of the room.
  • Put on the Apron and hold one or two of the mother props while you direct the game. 

How to Play:
Choose 1 child from each class to represent their class. Have them stand in a group at the Starting Point (the front or center of the room).
Explain to the children that there are 4 pictures of mothers posted around the room, and the goal is for the child representing each class to reach one of the mother pictures so everyone can practice the song on the back of that picture. However, they must only move toward the picture of their choice, when called upon by "Mother" (you). They must listen to what "Mother" tells them and do exactly as she says. Mother will give them specific directions, such as,
"Sam, you may take 10 giant steps forward."
"Sarah, you may take 6 side steps to the left."

Before they can move they must say, "Mother, may I?" If they forget and begin to proceed toward the picture, they must go back to their class and another child from their class gets to take their place.
If they remember to say "Mother, may I?" they must wait for "Mother" to say, "Yes, you may." or "No, you may not."
If "Mother" tells them "Yes, you may.", the child may proceed toward the picture exactly as directed.
If "Mother" tells them "No, you may not."The child stays in place and waits to be called on again.
When a child finally reaches the picture, practice the song written on the back of the picture.

My Teaching/Review Ideas:

Quickly I'll Obey
I will have all the children sing the optional ostinato together. When they seem to have it learned I will surprise them and sing the first verse while they are still singing the optional ostinato. Then I will divide the children in two groups and let them each try the optional ostinato while the other group sings the first verse.

I Often Go Walking
I will be making a flip chart with the images in this pdf that I put together. You can download and print it if you would like to:

Mother Tell Me The Story

Last year I made this large poster story to teach this song. I found the images in the pdf church magazines and on the Image Libraries. I think most of them can be found on's clipart page as well. The picture of the newborn baby I found using Google Images.

I folded two full sized poster board in half, creating 8 usable pages.

I printed the title and words to the song on regular paper. I printed poster sized images of the pictures using Microsoft Office Publisher on regular paper and used a glue stick to piece/paste them together.  The font and rosettes on the cover page are from the DJ Inkers pc programs I own.

Also using Microsoft Office Publisher, I layered the baby picture over the picture of the earth. I also added a bubble caption to the Mother, tell how you love me page.

I used a glue stick to glue all the images and words on each page then stapled the spine of the song book from the outside front.

Mother Dear
I will teach them this simple sign language:

Mother dear:

I : Point to themselves


You so: Point to their own mothers or if their mother is not there, to any mom.

Your happy smiling face: smile and place pointer fingers at the corners of mouth.

Is such a joy to look at: make an oval viewer putting hands together.

It make home: peak hands together like the roof of a house.

A lovely place: change the roof into a heart shape

Have fun!

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  1. These are AWESOME! Thank you!!! I will be using the Mother May I idea. Just one thing to note: you have some ASL signs on here (which is AWESOME, I'm in the Deaf branch) but if you put that picture of the "heart" with other signs, you should know that in ASL that is "Vagina" If you do a heart with your palms facing up and using all the fingers to form the heart, you avoid that embarrassment.