Saturday, April 9, 2011

DIY Sign Language

This is the second week that I'll be teaching Reverence is Love, but this activity could be applied to any song. 

I'll start by using the flip chart and having everyone sing the entire song. Next, I'll pass out key words of the song, each word written on a separate slip of paper. For junior primary I'll give maybe two or three words to each class, but for senior primary I'll pass out every word of the song (but I won't have the duplicate words written more than once).

I'll explain to the children that they have 90 seconds to decide on a sign language sign for the word(s) they have been given, and I'll show them a few examples. I'll tell them that it doesn't have to be real sign language sign, but if they do know a real sign language sign and want to use it, they can!

I'll ring a bell when the 90 seconds are up. Next I'll ask the class or child to come to the front and show what their sign is, and teach it to the rest of the primary children. We will begin with the words as they appear in the song.

After a complete phrase of signs is learned, we will sing that phrase two or three times to really get it in our heads before we move on to learning sign for the next phrase.

It will be interesting to see what the children come up with!

Have fun!

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