Friday, November 11, 2011

Two Words:

Cub. Master.
Or is it one big word? CUBMASTER. See?! I don't even know and I am a little freaked out about it.
Anyway, I'll be sustained Sunday and I don't know where to begin.

I know I have to go to the scout website and get certified or trained or something. I know I have to organize and conduct the monthly pack meetings. Other than that, I am really scared. I called the previous cub master to get the scoop, but her home phone has been disconnected. I emailed her...hope she checks it soon.

Help? Pleeeeaaase feel free to leave me any ideas. I am going to need them!


  1. I spent 3 years in Cubs, it was great. Being CubMaster isn't that different from being Primary Chorister. You're up there to lead and entertain the crowd. Awards, songs, fun activities. Plus, you already know all of the boys.

  2. I was the CubMaster for 3 years as well. LOVED IT!!! You can have even more fun than you can with Chorister. A great resource is Baloo's Bugle.
    I got tons of ideas there! If you want help, I can give you ideas. Maybe I should make a blog like you! lol
    Do crazy fun songs, involve the boys as much as you can with skits, songs, etc. Do audience participation skits, crazy cheers (everyone stands), games, and fun awards ceremonies. You don't have to worry about being reverent in Pack Meeting! It's THE BEST CALLING EVER!!!

  3. I am so grateful!!! I love any opportunity to work with you. I have missed you dearly being gone from Primary and now we are back together! Any calling you have, I know you will make it the best calling ever. You put your heart and soul into anything you are asked to do. Just keep your head bowed and your knees on the floor :) They will all love you - can't wait!!!

  4. Ann and Aprilyn, you have both put me at ease. I hadn't thought about it at all the way you both described it. I think maybe if I change my thinking a little, it might be...*gulp*

    HyDee...I love you so much. I am SO HAPPY to be serving with you, too. You have no idea how comforting it was to talk to you after Sacrament Meeting! I think it's going to be...*gulp* FUN! (My favorite word, hehe.)

  5. If you rock it half as well as you rocked Primary Chorister you will do a fabulous job and the cubbies will love you!

  6. to keep all the cubs achievements and electives up to date and know what hey need to do yet, I found an excel document online called BearTrax, WolfTrax and WebeosTrax. I just ended up googling into it. Good luck and have tons of fun!!!

  7. One word. ROUNDTABLE! Don't miss it, they have the BEST ideas.

  8. I am seeing "The Ordinary Adventures of a Cub Master" in the future! You will be awesome. Congrats and thanks for all of your Chorister help!

  9. First I want to send out a BIG THANK YOU for being so willing to share all of your ideas! I wanted to cry when you posted that you have been released. You have made my calling of Priamry Choister so much more easier and successful because of your kind heart. I have one more favor to ask if you have time with your new calling. Our Primary Presidency has asked us to teach "Two Thousand Stripling Warriors" from the October Ensign, and we are struggling with making a flip chart as wonderful as the ones we have copied from you. I'm wondering if you would be able to either make one, or help me with coming up with ideas and where to get the cute clip art. The song is wonderful and will be very appropriate to sing at missionary farewells, but need to get it taught. Thanks for your help/ideas. You have been my LIFESAVER!!

  10. Thanks so much everyone for the encouragement and advice!

    Pack meeting was a success!

    (and fun!)