Saturday, September 17, 2011

Primary Idol

Tomorrow I will be gone,again. My 12th grandchild, Cambria Camille Thurman, is receiving her name and blessing, so I will be in my daughter's ward in Rigby, Idaho.
Cambria and me a few minutes after her birth.
However, I have an activity already prepared for my singing time. The idea came from Holly Allen, who contributed the idea a couple of weeks ago on my YOUR Ideas page.  I have asked my former primary presidency to fill in for me as chorister, and act as three judges. Here's the idea:

(NOT my former primary presidency, hahaha.)

 From Hollie Allen: One thing that I love to do to get ready for the program is bring in American Idol judges. I usually have the presidency or some of the teachers come up to the front of the room to be the judges. I give each judge a whiteboard, marker, and an eraser (laminated paper will work well of you don't have whiteboards). Then I tell the kids that we have 3 surprise judges today and they have come to judge their singing. I also inform them that one of the judges is a big stickler and that they have to sing really well to get a good score from that judge. Then I tell them that they have to get all 9's or above to pass off the song. (sometimes the tough judge will give them an 8.9 but they still have to sing it again) :) Then when they pass off the song, they get a new song to sing to the judges and so forth. My kids love it and it really keeps their attention. I hope this is helpful!

I asked one of the presidency members, Erin, to act as the "host" to get things rolling and explain how the judging will work. She's even got three white boards and offered to bring them. I can't wait to hear how it turns out! Thanks to Gina, Hydee and Erin for taking over for me tomorrow!

Have fun! 


  1. Thank you for your ideas! You are a lifesaver! Congratulations on your new grand-baby.

  2. Love this idea!!! I'm definitely do this one!! Thank you!!

  3. One, that's a great idea! I did "report cards" today. They had to try and get all A's and they got graded on each verse too. They loved it. They also had to do something during the song. Like, for scripture power, the held their arms out for the whole song which was actually very hard! One, they had to watch my nose no matter where I went in the room (and I tried to dodge them). Another, they closed their eyes. The last song they sang, they had to do it "perfectly" or performance ready. They had to stand when I told them and not fidget during the song and after it was song, they had to be perfectly quiet as I lowered them all down into their seats. It went really well and the primary president actually called me to thank me for trying really hard. I usually get my ideas from blogs (like yours and I thank you VERY much) and this had been one of my first ones sorta on my own because I know someone out there has used report cards or something. Anyways, long post but also, second, I CANNOT believe you are a grandmother to 12!!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!

  4. Yes!! You do look amazing for being a grandmother...but to 12!!! Wow!! Thanks for all your inspiration....there are many of us that look forward each week to your wonderful creativity!

  5. We played the game Primary's Got Talent. Like the show America's got Talent. We had the missionaries and one member from the branch presidency come in and be our judges. They had 3 little dry erase boards to put an X if they needed to re-sing, or a smiley face if they did great! The primary LOVED it.

  6. Great job everyone! What great ideas.

    And thanks for making me feel so young with your kind words. My 14th grand-baby will be born in January. Sorta makes my head spin, but it's a lot of fun. :)

  7. Just found your blog and LOVE this idea! I think we're going to alter it just a little bit. Since the Olympics are coming up, we're going to have an Olympic theme, and they will earn scores like the Olympics athletes! I love this! Thanks so much for all the time you've taken to post so many great ideas! It really helps out newby choristers like me!