Saturday, October 30, 2010

Truth or Consequences

Last Sunday was my ward’s Sacrament Meeting Program, and wow, it was awesome! The children really out-did themselves in volume, reverence and following my lead. Being the primary chorister is certainly a rewarding calling! 

Since this Sunday is the last Sunday in October, I want to do something relaxed and fun. No pressure to sing well or learn music; just relax and enjoy the music, and play an old game called:

Truth or Consequences!

Truth or Consequences is a game show from the 50’s and 60’s.  Here is a random episode I found on youtube.  HILARIOUS!

( To see part 2 click on the video, you will see a link to it over at  

Now, here's my spin on the game show for Primary Music Time:

Truth or Consequences!
You will need:
  • List of songs and Easy/Hard questions
  • White board or chalk board to keep score
  • Buzzer or bell for when time is up
  • Basketball hoop or anything that can be used to score a point (bean bags/laundry basket, Nerf balls and a bucket, etc.)
Here is a picture of the basketball hoop I use. The kids LOVE it. It's really difficult to make a shot, but very fun to try! I bought it at a craft expo:

    More stuff you will need...props for challenges:
    • dice
    • bubbles
    • harmonica
    • lei for hula
    • maracas

      I have a list of fun songs to sing that all the children know well. I’ll explain that the teachers will be on one team, and the primary children on the other team. A teacher and a child (from the same class) will come to the front to play at the same time, and I’ll have a question for each of them. Whoever gets the question correct will get a point, plus the opportunity to shoot hoops for additional points while we sing the song (one point per goal). But if they get the answer wrong, they have to do a challenge while we sing the song, and they will not get any points.

      What the teachers will soon discover is that I will only ask them ridiculous and impossible questions that they will never be able to answer (I hope). I’ll give the teacher 3- 5 seconds to answer before I sound the buzzer (or bell or whatever). Next I’ll ask the child an extremely easy question about the song, and of course, they will get it right! Since the teacher got the question wrong, he or she will choose a consequence card and do whatever it says as the song is sung. At the same time the child who answered correctly will try to score as many extra points as they can by shooting hoops while we sing. Be sure to write the score on the white or chalk board!

      Songs and Questions

      ·         I Am Like a Star    163
      o   Easy: Do the stars mostly shine in the day or in the night?
      o   Hard: What are the four main types of galaxies? (spiral, elliptical, lenticular, and irregular)
      ·         I Hope They Call Me on a Mission   169
      o   Easy: Where did somebody you know serve a mission?
      o   Hard: From 1923 until 1925 David O. McKay served as president of what church mission? (European)
      ·         We’ll Bring the World His Truth   172
      o   Easy: Who teaches you the truth?
      o   Hard: Janice Kapp Perry wrote this song. Whay year was she born? (1938)
      ·         Rain is Falling      241
      o   Easy: Raindrops are made of __________?
      o   Hard: The earth's total amount of water has a volume of how many million cubic miles. (About 344)
      ·         Popcorn Popping   242
      o   Easy: In this song, what does one see when looking out the window?
      o   Hard: Popcorn is a type of maize (or corn), a member of the grass family. What is the scientific name for popcorn? (Zea mays everta)
      ·         Once There Was a Snowman   249
      o   Easy: What happens to a snowman when the sun gets hot?
      o   Hard: Slightly wet snow has a weight of how many pounds per cubic foot? (15)
      ·         Smiles   267
      o   Easy: Name something that makes you smile!
      o   Hard: When a person studies laughter they are known as a ___________? (gelotologist)
      ·         Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes   275
      o   Easy: In the song, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, what do we touch first?
      o   Hard: Sailors once thought that wearing this would improve their eyesight. (a gold earring)
      ·         Hinges  277
      o   Easy: Show us two hinges that make your body bend.
      o   Hard: Name three kinds of joints in the human body. (Hinge joints allow movement in one direction, as seen in the knees and elbows. Pivot joints allow a rotating or twisting motion, like that of the head moving from side to side. Ball-and-socket joints allow the greatest freedom of movement. The hips and shoulders have this type of joint, in which the round end of a long bone fits into the hollow of another bone.)
      ·         The Wise Man and the Foolish Man   281
      o   Easy: When the rain comes down, what happens to the flood?
      o   Name the three basic types of rock. (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic)


      • shake maracas during the song
      • blow bubbles during the song
      • become a statue during the song
      • do opposite actions to the song
      • during the song  pantomime the story of the song
      • tap dance as the song is sung
      • during the song, crouch low to the low notes and stand tall and reach for the sky on the high notes. 
      • play the harmonica during the song
      • do the hula during the song
      • do the chicken dance during the song

      Here is a PDF I put together for this activity:

      Click on the above link to open the file. Print the first three pages first (I did mine on cardstock), then flip the pages over so you can print pages 4-6 on the back side of the cards. Page 7 is a list of the songs and questions.

      Have fun!


      1. FANTASTIC! I love it. I'm doing it today. THANK YOU!!!!

      2. Did it today ...the kids (and teachers) LOVED it! Thanks for your fun ideas!

      3. Thank you so much. This sounds like the perfect fun thing to do the week after the program. You always have such great ideas. What did you use the dice for? Do you think it would be fun even if you didn't do the basketball and just had the teacher (or whomever got the wrong answer)do the fun actions?

      4. This sounds like so much fun. I'm going to do it tomorrow as a way to introduce Christmas songs. I'm sure it won't be overly reverent but we'll make sure we are respectful where we need to be. The Jr. primary will stick with alot of the wiggles songs you recommended but the Sr. primary can handle more Christmas music and still be reverent. Thanks for all your great ideas!

      5. Love this idea!!! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

      6. We played this today and it was sic fabulous fun!! Teachers and children loved it!! Thank you for your brilliance!