Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Need A Vacation!

We are going to review primary program songs this Sunday, and we will sing the songs in the order that they appear in the program. 

I'll walk into the primary room dressed with my vacation outfit over my Sunday dress (the tackier, the better!):

And I'll be toting this:
As I walk into the room I'll say, (with a bit of weariness in my voice):

"Wow! Do I need a vacation! I have spent all summer on the go! Even during our family camping trip this summer I still had to pack everything, cook, and do dishes. Then I had to do all the laundry and put everything away when we got home! It was exhausting! But now that the kids are back in school, I'm taking a little time for myself! Maybe this week I'll get a mani/pedi, have my hair done, go shopping, or just sit by the pool and chillll-lax. for singing time, YOU will get to lead the music, while I sit back and relax!"

(I'll bring along one of these:

to sit back and enjoy singing the music while the children lead)

Next I'll unzip my suitcase and show them what's inside.  I'll tell the children that from the comfort of my reclining camp chair, I will choose the most reverent children, one at a time, to come to the front of the room to lead today's songs. Before I head to my camp chair, I'll hold up the objects in the suitcase and explain what each item is for and demonstrate each prop. I'll tell the children that whoever gets chosen will get to pick any item they want to use to lead the music, even if it's already been done. Hey, who cares if we use a prop twice? It's a vacation!:
"Use this remote control to lead the song. When you point and click it at the pianist, she stops playing the piano but everyone continues to sing. When you point and click again, the pianist begins playing again."
"Here are two ball caps. When the conductor wears the pink ball cap, only the girls sing. When the conductor trades for the red ball cap, only the boys sing."
"This is Wilbur the Wide Mouth Frog. Wilbur is a hand puppet for the conductor to wear while he or she leads the music. WILBUR. (enunciate while you explain, stretching your mouth and lips as wide as you can while you speak) TALKS. LIKE. THIS. During the entire song, everyone must sing like Wilbur and ENUNCIATE. THE. WORDS. OF. THE. SONG."
"When the conductor leads with this buzzzy bee, everyone will "Zzzzzz" to the music instead of singing words. When the leader puts the bee behind his back, everyone sings the words again."
"Use this slinky to lead the music. When it is stretched out long and wide, everyone sings very loud. When it is tight and close together, everyone sings softly."
"Lead the music with this clapper, while everyone claps to the beat of the music". (I found this at the dollar store)
"While leading the music, hold up the hippo for everyone to sing the song slowly, then switch to the cheetah for everyone to sing super fast."

These are all ordinary objects I had at home already. I am certain YOU are much more creative, inventive, and ingenuous! Please leave a comment if you have any other brilliant props to add!

Have fun!


  1. What a great idea! I love it! I love the alternative to the signs (boy/girls) and the hippo and cheetah!

  2. I've been wondering what to do after our primary I know! Big Thanks! I do have pom poms that I might add, so the kids can do the song in a "reverent" cheer instead of singing...great ideas!

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    Thank you again!
    Karen Tamai from Menifee, CA

  5. I'm totally giggling while reading this! I just don't have the stuff I need so I can do the puppets. I think I might find someone who has puppets, and i'll do this soon. I Love your ideas!! I'm doing your game Truth or Consequences tomorrow.

  6. Oh, and I don't have a hippo, but I have a cheetah. I will have to raid the boys' room soon!

  7. This was so fun for our kids today, they had a blast with it! I used pink & blue hats, a race car & a horse instead of the cheetah & hippo, a hand puppet with birds on it instead of the bee, (we "tweeted" to the music instead of buzzing) and I couldn't find a slinky, so instead I used a baton I found, and had the kids march to the music.

    The tweeting birds were the most popular with the Junior primary, the remote controlled piano was most popular for Senior. (I had to apologize to the pianist afterward!)

    Thanks so much for the idea, it was PERFECT for today! (Especially since I ran a half marathon yesterday and my legs are killing me today...I really DID need a vacation!)

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are an amazingly fun, creative, explosive character that is suited perfectly for this calling. So thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and experiences, especially for a woman who is an opposite personality. I would be a lost (and boring) chorister without your shared successes. God Bless!
    Jessica, Vernal, UT