Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tumble, aka Ker Plunk

This Sunday will be a review of all the primary songs we have learned for the Sacrament Meeting program so far. I loved the Ker Plunk idea that Divine Secrets of a Primary Chorister had on her blog last December, and I have been asking around trying to find a Ker Plunk game to borrow, but to no avail. I almost bought it, but it wasn't on sale...yet...I thought I'd just wait it out.

Then one day I was in my local Walgreen's store browsing through the sale aisle...and saw this game, "Tumble" was marked down to $3.99! (regular price was $6.99, or mix and mach 3 games for $13.98)
I finally broke it out of the box today, and put it together. {LOL I just noticed that in this photo, whoever put the game together put the dish on the bottom upside down. Brilliant. Sounds like something I would do. Haha! *clearing throat* Okay, so now you know, the dish goes the other way, like this:}
There are four (plastic) marble colors, and four compartments where the marbles fall to in the plastic dish. Each compartment is supposed to represent one team. The marbles will fall into only one compartment at a time, and the tower rotates to the compartment of whichever team is in play. I am going to opt out of using the compartments for each team, using only one compartment, and I will remove the marbles each time after they fall.

How to Play:

Divide the room into four teams, and assign each team a color.
I made these team flags for a Primary Olympics game I did last summer, and the colors match closely enough, so I will use them for this game as well, and let the child who is waiting to pull a pick at the front hold their team flag. Another fun idea: get packets of small Post-it notes in the coordinating colors, and have each team wear a Post-it of their team color.
One person from each team will be at the front of the room to play the game at all times. To take a turn, a player removes one plastic pick from the Tumble game. When each player has taken their turn they will sit down and another player from their team will come to the front to wait their turn. 

We will sing the Sacrament Meeting program songs in the order that we have learned them. I will be treating each verse of Follow the Prophet as an individual song.

The first child will pull a pick (of ANY color) from the Tumble game.
  • If no marbles fall, the child returns to their seat and is replaced by a fellow team mate, who waits for their turn. 
  • If a yellow marble falls, the yellow team sings the song. If a pink marble falls, the pink team sings the song, etc. 
  • If two marbles fall, then the teams with those two marble's colors sing the song. And so get the idea.
Continue until all the songs have been sung.

Have fun!